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A variety of techniques are used including gentle massage, stretches, relaxation and deep tissue work. It is designed to consider the mind body and spirit, relaxing all areas and restoring balance. We use a variety of massage techniques to sooth tired, aching muscles and ease tension and knots.


Just a short walk from Highgate station, they deliver an effective and traditional massage experience to alleviate your stress and restore your vitality. Complement your fitness routine and healthy lifestyle with a slimming or cellulite combatting massage – the perfect addition to your pre-holiday programme. Beauty By Sana is a holistic massage & facial retreat in Knightsbridge, one minute walk from Harrods.

A relaxing and therapeutic massage working on areas of stress and tension around the shoulders, neck, face and scalp. A blend of East and West body work techniques including trigger point, fascial work, acupressure, hot stones and stretching. In an aromatherapy massage, a custom blend of essential oils is added to your massage oil to ease mental or physical ailments. This treatment provides complete tranquillity and relaxation, and promotes a feeling of infinite wellbeing for the body and mind, leaving your skin more radiant and soothed. The quartz bed’s sand takes the shape of your body, which helps deliver heat to your skin and deeper tissues. The bed has a zero gravity position, which provides a particularly deep state of relaxation, ideal for alleviating muscle pain.


Massage techniques to vital energy centres with essential oils reinforces the holistic approach to this luxury full body treatment. Invigorate and energise your body with this tension relieving back, neck and shoulder massage. Using Swedish massage techniques, this treatment will restore vitality and ease tense muscles. We have some incredible massage therapists working with us, who will address your unique condition and needs. If you are after something relaxing, opt out for something gentle and balancing, which will allow you to release any held tension in your body and mind, through fluid, connective movements. Headaches, migraines, tension and stress can be effectively treated by this traditional Eastern treatment.

Improve circulation – massage can provide more oxygenated blood which removes toxins and lowers blood pressure. Reduce pain – the therapy stimulates the brain to release natural painkillers. Indian head massage is based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.

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And in meeting your every need when it comes to treatments, We also meet your every need when it comes to cost with our range of different massage treatments. Whether you have half an hour or an hour and half there is something for everyone. We are proud to be cancer specialist trained therapists with the Amethyst Trust and insured by BABTAC giving you confidence in safe treatments.

Clients have reported that it has helped to relieve muscular tension and pain, and reduced stress and tension-related conditions such as headaches, neck discomfort, and eye strain. All our ESPA Massage Treatments begin with a consultation where we can identify any areas of tension you may have. Your therapist will follow five traditional Swedish Massage techniques of gliding, kneading, friction, stretching and tapping.

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While using oil can make massage easier for parents and more relaxing for their baby, there is limited evidence on what oil is best to use for baby massage. Baby massage is the gentle, rhythmic stroking of your baby’s body using your hands. As part of a massage routine, you might gently manipulate your baby’s ankles, wrists and fingers.

Experience the warmth and soothing relief of the Tropics and a smooth self-heating lava shell is 내주변마사지d over the body. The natural mineral heat from within the lava shell will instantly relax the muscles and enable a deeper, more relaxing massage. Deep tissue work on tension areas such as the back and shoulders eases away muscle tension, knots and stress points, unblocking an energy flow and releasing a sense of balance on the entire body and mind. For an intensive back, neck and shoulder treatment this deep tissue massage achieves a deep, firm pressure to treat deep-rooted muscle problems. Whether you want a Swedish body massage or an Indian head massage, you can rely on us. Our massages are tailor-made for your specific needs, and offer a host of benefits like detoxifying your body, boosting your energy, improving your circulation, and calming your mind and body.

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It works therapeutically to give a renewed sense of deep relaxation. If you are feeling tense or stressed, or have deep muscular pain Stone Therapy Massage is a massage with a difference. Hot smooth large basalt volcanic stones are laid on the body over a sheet, while smaller stones are used to slowly massage warmed oil into the body.


At Deluxe massage, we provide you with our luxury spa experience, focusing on your convenience, with our experience, giving you the best therapeutic massage care. Pregnancy Massagecan relieve stresses, strains, heavy legs and an aching back. Also helping to promote healthy sleep and relaxation when expectant mothers need it most. Enjoy a deep therapeutic Massage using the Swedish Technique as well as other techniques which our experienced Therapists have learnt during their extensive careers.

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A luxurious treatment to melt away tension and nourish the skin. Using Vitamin E and Shea Butter rich Orli Candles which are 100% natural, environmentally friendly and hand-made in Scotland. The Orli Candle melts into a warm oil of natural butters which are drizzled over the skin for a unique Massage experience. The more consistent you are with sports massage, the less sore you’ll feel afterwards. The warm, smooth Basalt stones are glided over the back with varying pressures, techniques and precision.


Swedish massage is a deep tissue massage to relieve your tired aching muscles from neck to toe. Soothe aching muscles and ease away the day-to-day stresses with our selection of body massage treatments. Heal your body, relax your mind and restore a sense of wellbeing.

A treatment that works on the muscles for a specific therapeutic effect. This type of massage is completely tailored to your goals such as deep shoulder knots and pain relief, so this will be discussed extensively with your therapist at the time. It uses relevant deep tissue techniques and movements to help relieve pain and the build-up of tension, returning the body to normal health from injuries or acute and chronic conditions. At Titanic Spa, we offer a range of massage treatments that are expertly tailored to your needs. Spa experts say that a 50-minute massage is equivalent to eight hours of sleep for the body. Undoubtedly one of the most popular spa treatments of all time, massage has many benefits from relaxing tired muscles to improving circulation and reliving tension and stress.


Indulge your senses with our divine facial & massage at Botanicals Bakewell. Massage is a therapy that has been used for centuries as a way to relieve muscle tension and to relax the body and mind. Swedish massage uses a combination of stroking, kneading, pressure and flowing movements over the body to treat and prevent a variety of complaints, or can simply be used for deep relaxation. Massage also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, assisting your body in the elimination of stored toxins helping to strengthen your immune system. If you have specific muscles or trigger points that need individual attention, a deep tissue massage can help ease tension, increase the range of motion, and relieve chronic pain. Relax tired muscles, improve circulation and relieve tension and stress, in a spa experience like no other.


Cold marble stones are often used in the treatment to help aid with detoxing and healing the body. Studies of the benefits ofmassagedemonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Some studies have foundmassagemay also be helpful for Anxiety and Digestive disorders. We’ve been providing therapists with quality massage tables for over 16 years since 1999, and will be around for 16 more to offer you the best aftercare service possible. Sports massage improves muscle flexibility and tone, reducing the occurrence of cramps. It encourages the removal of waste products from the muscles and it delivers oxygen and nutrients carried in the blood.

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Despite its name, sports 스웨디시마사지 is not only for those who take regular exercise. All of us are likely to suffer from muscular tension or discomfort at some point in our lives. Sitting hunched over a computer, driving all day, lifting heavy items, repetitive occupational activities, postural problems or even a trip or fall all result in muscular pain and tightness. We take care of your aches and pains from week 12 to week 40 and beyond.

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Using quality products such as Dermalogica, their trained team of therapists will provide top service to deliver a quality experience in services such as waxing and massages. Medical conditions– Please make sure your are NOT contraindicated for the treatments you have booked. If you are not sure if you are suitable for any particular treatment please call the salon and discuss this with a therapist, as you may require a doctors letter prior to your treatment. Many conditions are not suitable for massage and or facials, for insurance reasons including treatment for cancer.

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Here at Radiance Beauty & Day Spa we offer an array of massage techniques customised to suit your individual needs. These include Swedish, aromatherapy lymphatic drainage, and pressure points. A hopi ear candle is actually a cotton tube, impregnated with beeswax, honey and therapeutic oils and is painlessly inserted into the ear. This treatment brings a wonderful relaxation and depth sense of security.

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Then the therapist uses a combination of long gliding strokes, kneading, friction and vibration throughout the duration of the massage. Then the therapist uses a combination of long gliding strokes, kneading, friction and vibration and regularly checks to ensure that the pressure is firm enough. Then your therapist leaves the room to allow you to undress to your comfort level.

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It is important to choose a qualified massage therapist who has undertaken the necessary training to understand the theory and practice of this particular therapy. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that massage can be effective in helping to treat certain chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia and low back pain. Whatever type of massage you are having, your therapist will advise you of what to expect before the treatment begins.

I’ll leave full feedback when my therapy programme is completed. Swedish massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness, and improving function in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, over a period of eight weeks. Learn some basic techniques and tips to help your little one get more out of their daily massage. The service operates following guidance from Health and Safety. Clients are asked not to attend if they are experiencing cold or flu symptoms. Face coverings will be worn by both the therapist and client , and the room will be ventilated.

We’d recommend a hot stone massage or perhaps a deep tissue massage, both of which are very popular with customers. This treatment commences with breathing exercises, followed by a gentle massage to the feet, hands, shoulders and scalp. A great recharge for your whole system and a very popular choice for those wishing to unwind and release tension held in the head and arms. Whether you have overdone it at the gym or work, this intensely therapeutic massage eases tense shoulders, back knots and aches. Aromatic essential oils super-charge the stress-relieving benefits, restoring your sense of well-being.

Retailers who also sell anything else they can import and turn a profit on. As such they just buy the cheapest massage tables they can find in China. Very handy to have so you don’t have to walk away from your client to get oil during the massage. This couch is extremely comfy and excellent quality with the 8cm thick foam. It weighs 15.4kg though which, for me as a petite woman, was too heavy to transport as a mobile massage therapist.

They relate to all areas of your life such as creativity, awareness, hopes and dreams, joy, sadness and many more. The Access Bars technique allows the charge on these areas to be released. An exclusive top-to-toe experience using age-defying cosmeceutical skincare delivering visible and advanced results. The treatment journey begins with a full body exfoliation, a gentle yet powerful exfoliation that will instantly revitalise the skin. A relaxing deep tissue massage using rhythmic pressure to eliminate any areas of tension and rejuvenate the body and mind.

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It completes a cycle of touch through the nourishing medium of oils. Whether presented as a gift or a treat for yourself, enjoy the completeness of this treatment. Reflexology is thumb pressure on specific reflex points of the feet and hands stimulating corresponding areas in other parts of the body; helps improve circulation and promote relaxation. Massage promotes a feeling of relaxation and well-being, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re suffering with anxiety and/or finding it hard to sleep.


Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this powerful, customised massage from head to toe. As we are appointment based services we do all we can to give you the full experience booked. If you are running late we may have to reduce your treatment time where there is no space to complete fully. This is as a courtesy to the next clients appointment not being delayed.

There are no set guidelines regarding the minimum age for when to start baby massage. Although nurturing touch can be given from birth, some babies may find formal, structured massage too stimulating in the very early weeks. Find out about the benefits of baby massage for you and your baby in this video. Before babies are able to understand language, we often communicate and comfort them through touch. If a baby cries, for example, parents will hold, cuddle or stroke them. What’s more, sports massage isn’t just for sport-related injuries – it can also be effective in treating non-sport related injuries too.

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Combined with our expert body massage and blissful aromatic therapeutic oils, you can expect total body relaxation. There is a full range of luxury beauty treatments on offer including massage, facials, waxing and manicures. Your health and wellbeing is their top priority, which is why their therapists only use high-quality brands such as CND, Lycon, HydraFacial, IsClinial Facial, Environ and Elemis. Enjoy exceptional value for money and attention to detail at Secret Oasis Spa and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s easy to forget that feeling good and looking good go hand in hand. So much more than just a massage, these wellness focused treatments will bring your mind and body deservedly back into balance.

A combination of slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas may be used. Stress, muscle tension and lack of energy can all be addressed with a customized massage treatment. After a thorough consultation, your massage therapist will provide you with the best combination of products, personalised. There are numerous benefits of sports massage to the skin including improved blood supply, exfoliation, encouraging elasticity of scar tissue and bringing nutrients to the skin through the use of oil. Simple techniques encourage blood to travel to the extremities and also aid venous return.